Hosting your SideTracked Event...

About SideTracked
We have Motorway Mayhem. We have A-Road Anarchy (cos there aren’t many Motorways in Wales!). But what about public transport users? SideTracked Caches are intended to provide quick Cache-and-dashes at Train Stations.

SideTracked started at Evesham station on August 10th 2007, placed by schnarff & bikermel76. It took a while to get started, but is now spreading across the country

Holding a SideTracked Event
Why not host your own SideTracked event? It's easy, and you can meet and greet other SideTracked supporters, eat, play games and share stories about geocaching.

We're even offering event owners the chance to let they have their event atendees a official SideTracked profile badge they can proudly display on their geocaching profile after attending your event, and correctly named events will additionally count towards their stats badge too!

Geocaching events should be free to participate. If you are hosting an outdoor event, make sure to ask land managers about any required permissions.

Naming your Cache
There are two different types of SideTracked events - SideTracked Day and normal events. When naming your event, please following conventions.

Following our naming convention for events ensures that we can pick up your event into our stats, and helps other users to seach for SideTracked caches too.

Regular SideTracked Events (These are held on non SideTracked Day, not 10 August)
These should be named like you would name a normal SideTracked Cache, following the naming guidlines for REALLY, MINI, TUBE, TRAM etc.

Example naming convention:

SideTracked - StationName. (coming soon!)
REALLY SideTracked - StationName. (coming soon!)
etc etc


For SideTracked Day Events (Held on 10 August every year)
Events which are held especially in celebration of the SideTracked Series can only be held on SideTracked Day - This is held and celebrated on the 10 August each year.

Example naming convention:
Tracked Day 2017 - Hatle (coming soon!)

Thanks for checking this out - it would be good for the series to be consistent where possible as makes it easier for people to search through the lists of Caches.

HTML Listing Generator
It's never been easier to generate the HTML needed for your listing, just fill in all the fields on our SideTracked HTML Generator, click Submit and we'll work some magic to give you the code you need to edit your SideTracked listing.

Tell us about your Cache
Please e-mail us to let us know about your event before it's published so we can arrange for your profile badge for your event atendees to be made in plenty of time before your event.

Thanks for joining in!

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