Trackable Tags

The SideTracked Trackable Tags were launched in November 2017 and are available for anyone to buy from

The tags are 44mm x 10mm x 1mm - just the right size to fit in a typical SideTracked film canister!

There are 3 different versions available and are in the style of the bygone British Railway Totem sign with each style featuring a British Railway region colour and railway station.

  • Green Horsted Keynes (Southern Region) - Limited edition of 50
  • Blue Lincoln St. Marks (Eastern Region) - Limited edition of 100
  • Brown Weymouth Quay (Western Region) - Limited edition of 50

SideTracked | trackable Tags

Just like travel bugs, the trackable tags also come with a chain so that it may be attached to another item.

They are fully trackable at, each with a unique tracking number laser printed on the reverse so you can follow their travels.

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